It is FREE to join, FREE to list, no exclusive contract and when you successfully sell or lease (or buy) minerals, we get a small commission, from both sides.

Both the BUYER and SELLER pay a commission on closed transactions.  In addition to the commission fees, both the BUYER and SELLER each pay a $100 bank fee, per transaction. 

Similar to income taxes, our commission schedule is based on a "marginal commission rate" meaning our commission rate applies to each additional level of the sales price. In our commission system, you pay less in commissions as the sales price increases.

Modeled after a formula created by the Lehman Brothers Bank in the 1960s, the Lehman formula structures the commissions and/or fees on a percentage of the transaction amount based on a set of tiered rates.

COMMISSION SCHEDULE: (example: this table is for Buyer and Seller (each) so the total commissions are 10%, 8%, 6%, and 4% respectively, split equally between both parties.