While operating in RRH as a Buyer or Seller, you will need to create either one or more entities that will be used in your transactions.  As a Seller, you will need to create an entity for any mineral assets which you want to sell or lease. Perhaps you own them as John Doe, or in an LLC like Mineral Owner, LLC, whatever the entity is, you will need to create it in our platform.

As a Buyer, when making offers and entering into transactions, you need to have one or more entities created to transact your business. 

If your account is approved as both a Buyer and Seller, you can use your entities on either side of a transaction.

Step 1. Click on "Create Entity"

Step 2.  Choose your type of entity you are creating (and click on it)

Step 3.  Type in the name of your entity and click "next".

Step 4.  Type in your phone number for the entity

Step 5.  Toggle the switch to use a previously created address (as when you created your account or other

entities) OR create a new address for the new entity.  When finished, click "Save"

Process Complete: - you have created a new entity.