While operating in RRH as a Seller who has already created one or more entities, your next step will be to create your mineral inventory.  

NOTE: If you have >15 or 20 properties and do not want to individually add those properties to your inventory, an RRH team member can import any number of properties from an excel or csv file format.  This import process (or bulk upload) is currently done at the 'admin' level but we will push this down to the user level in the future.

Step 1. Click on "Create Inventory"

Step 2.  Choose the entity the owns the minerals you are adding to your inventory. (and click on it)

Step 3.  Determine which leasehold and/or production status best describes the mineral inventory you are adding. (and click on it)

Step 4.  Enter the details for your new inventory item. (once complete click Next)

Step 5.  Review the details of your new mineral inventory to confirm they are correct.(once confirmed click Save)

Process Complete: - you have now added this tract to your mineral inventory.