While operating in RRH as a Seller who has already created one or more entities and has already added their mineral inventory to their account, your next step will be to list your mineral inventory on the market for sale or lease.  Note: You can list a property for both sale and lease but must create the inventory twice, then list one for sale and one for lease.

Note: In the Buyer's view, you will not be able to see your own listings. 

Step 1. Select one or more of your mineral inventory items from the inventory screen. If listing your mineral inventory items individually and not as a package you can still select multiple inventory items to list in one bulk action to save time.

Step 2.  Select "individual" from the red listing bar at the bottom of the screen and select whether you want to list the mineral inventory item(s) on the marketplace to be sold or leased.

Note.  If you are bulk listing inventory items to be leased, you must only select properties that are "open all depths" and not "leased or held by production" or the option to list the inventory items for lease will be removed as you can see from the below examples. 

Example: Mix of Open All Depths and Held By Production Inventory Items Selected

Example: Only Open All Depths Inventory Items Selected

Step 3.  Determine which leasehold and/or production status best describes the mineral inventory you are adding. (and click on it)

Step 4.  Now the inventory items you have chosen to lease or sell are on the market for Buyers and Lessees to see and submit offers on.  You will notice the listing designation change on the cards in your inventory.

Process Complete: - you have now individually listed inventory items for sale or lease on the marketplace.