If you have >15 or 20 properties and do not want to individually add those properties to your inventory, an RRH team member can import any number of properties from an excel or csv file format.  This import process (or bulk upload) is currently done at the 'admin' level but we will push this down to the user level in the future.

What we need from you.  BELOW is the depiction of the information needed, in either excel or csv format showing column headings, what information goes into the rows as information, what format is acceptable, and whether or not that information is required or optional.

Attached at the bottom of this article, in excel file format, is an import file example.  You can download this to review the particulars of what this sheet can consist of and in what formats - for example; it is not case sensitive.

If you have any questions on this, please email us at support@redriverhub.com